Most fleas in the home are associated with dogs or cats but they will feed on a wide range of warm blooded hosts including us.

If you see your dog or cat scratching an unusual amount, it could be a sign they have fleas.

For every flea seen around the home, there are many more in various stages of development, and an over-the-counter flea spray will not necessarily treat each of these stages.



For one treatment:

  • prices start from £95 for 1 to 3 rooms
  • from £125 for 4 rooms or more

Please contact us for a quote. We will confirm the cost of treatment in advance and you will need to pay up front by debit or credit card.

If we find no evidence of pests when we visit you, we’ll only charge a call-out fee of £35 and refund you the difference.


Our pest control officers will carry out a thorough inspection to identify the source and severity of the infestation and treat the affected areas with a residual insecticide. You must also treat the host animal(s) with a suitable veterinary approved product.